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Your New Season Ticket Advantage

For the 2014-2015 Minnesota Wild season, digital ticketing will replace paper tickets for Season Ticket Holders. Season Ticket Holders will receive a Wild Season ID card, the size of a credit card, which contains all of their account data. This card will be scanned upon entry to Xcel Energy Center. Digital ticketing includes fast, convenient online forwarding, with no 
forwarding fees. In the future, the Wild STH ID card will also enable you to utilize Wild Rewards benefits and redeem points with select partners. Stay tuned for more on this benefit.

Digital Ticketing FAQ

How does it work?
  • Rather than a ticket book, you’ll receive a credit card-sized Wild Season ID card that will contain all of your ticket data
  • When you arrive at the gate, your Wild Season ID card will be swiped by the attendant, and a “seat locator” receipt will be printed for each seat on your account for that game
If I have guests using my seats for a given game, how do I get the tickets to them with no paper tickets?
  • You can conveniently manage your tickets online at My Wild Account
  • Use the free Print-at-Home option to print their tickets and deliver them in person
  • You can email/forward the tickets to them electronically
  • Upon receiving the ticket, your guests can:
    • Print the tickets with the free “Print-at-Home” option
    • Put them on their Wild Season ID card (if they are a registered partner on your account)
    • Download them to their smart phone as a QR code
If I have partners on my account who use the tickets frequently, do we have to transfer the card each time we alternate games?
  • No, all registered partners on your account can receive their own Wild Season ID card.  You will need to simply email/forward each game ticket to them.  They then have the option to use Print-at-Home, put them on their Wild Season ID card, or download them to their smart phone as a QR code
With no tickets, how do my guests at the game find their way back to their seats if they are unfamiliar with the arena?
  • A “seat locator” receipt is printed for each seat on your account at the time that you present your card at the gate
What if I don’t have a computer and I have to forward or print my tickets?
  • Contact your Fan Relations Representative to discuss options
  • In addition to accessing My Wild Account via computer, you are also able to forward tickets using your smart phone or other mobile device

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