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Charity of the Month

Mission Statement:
Prevent 7 is a non-profit that focuses on the prevention and awareness of bullying, hazing, and suicide. Their mission is to educate and encourage life-long development for children and their families through interaction and education. Prevent 7 goes into educational facilities across the state of hockey educating children on how to “take a stand and lend a hand” to stop bullying now.

Charity Description:
Prevent 7 educates on a one to one basis where the students are given the resources necessary to stop bullying through the lessons they teach. During their lessons, they go over movie clips and discuss the bullying that took place throughout them. At the end of the lesson they have the students sign a contract holding themselves accountable for their own actions.

The Prevent 7 Penguin delivers STOP BULLYING NOW glow-in-the-dark bracelets to each student which serves as a constant reminder to the contract they signed. Prevent 7’s lesson doesn’t stop with the prevention of bullying; they also provide leadership
conferences and lessons to high school students and teams. During these interactions, they touch on the physical and emotional pain associated with hazing. Contracts are signed during these lessons.

Prevent 7 will continue to take a stand against violence and they believe teaching young children to REPORT, REPORT, REPORT will give them the courage and knowledge to stand up as adults. Together, we all will become one step closer to ending bullying, suicide, and hazing.

Remember—If you see something, say something.

For more information on Prevent 7, visit

Get involved with Prevent 7 at these great upcoming fundraisers:

  • 2nd Annual STOP BULLYING NOW Ice Fishing Contest sponsored by Nittie's Hunters Point Resort on Mille Lacs Lake on 2/1/14

  • Mother's Day Flowers sponsored by Riverside Farms in Elk River, MN 3/1/14 & 3/8/14

  • Ribs 4 Kids sponsored by All Poolside Services Inc. in St. Paul, MN 6/21/14

  • STOP BULLYING NOW Golf Outing sponsored by Victory Links in Blaine, MN 7/27/14

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