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Charity of the Month

Mission Statement:
The mission of Canvas Health is to bring hope, healing, and recovery to people’s lives.

Charity Description:

Canvas Health is dedicated to bringing hope, healing, and recovery to people’s lives. Each year Canvas Health programs serve more than 8,500 children, adolescents, adults, and elderly challenged with debilitating aspects of mental illness, chemical misuse, aging, or physical and sexual abuse. Crisis Connection answers more than 42,000 calls annually from individuals in crisis and needing help.

Canvas Health professionals will ask you how you’re feeling and evaluate the best option; medications are not always the first choice for clients. Through a comprehensive assessment, Canvas Health will determine the options that make the most sense for you. Canvas Health’s experienced team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses are equipped to meet the needs of all populations – from early childhood to adolescent to adult. They provide evaluations for medication and medication management and provide consultations for other providers.

“1 in 17 Americans have a serious mental illness; 1 in 5 families are affected.”
- National Alliance of Mental Illness, 2010

At times in one’s life – whether caused by life experience or a biological imbalance– one’s perspective can become tainted, blurred or distorted. The purpose of counseling is to help you cope with the challenging situations that arise in life, and to help you live the life you’d like to create. Canvas Health does this by listening to you, supporting you, inspiring you, and referring you to whatever resources you may need. Canvas Health offers a broad range of counseling services and treatment to children and adults, including individual, family, and group therapy. Canvas Health does full screenings and assessments, and provides case management to ensure that nothing is missed.  Access to psychiatry, psychological testing, and crisis services provide clients with a comprehensive and individualized team of treatment providers should the need arise.

“20% of children ages 0-18 have a diagnosable mental illness that interferes with their ability to learn, make friends, and develop healthy family relationships.”
- National Institute of Mental Health

Chemical Health
Canvas Health provides substance abuse treatment in a variety of forms and settings for adults and adolescents which includes group, individual and family counseling.  All members of the Canvas Health staff are licensed alcohol and drug counselors, and are available to evaluate and help manage chemical use problems. Canvas Health provides Rule 25 assessments, educational programming, relapse prevention and housing programs, offering a broad spectrum of resources to their clients.

“With the knowledge Canvas Health helped create, I will be able to maintain my sobriety and give back to my community by helping those still struggling with addiction.”
- Robert

Specialty Programs
A wide array of services provided by Canvas Health help support the needs of those with mental illness, assisting them with the practical necessities and means to improve the quality of their lives. Services include transportation, housing, vocational assistance and coordination services.

“When I felt alone and wanted to give up, the people at Canvas Health provided me hope.”
- Shelly, Day Treatment client

In 2012, Canvas Health:
  • Made contact with over 300 youth, identified by a concerned adult or self identified as homeless or at risk of homeless within Washington County.
  • Conducted 346 presentations on bullying and abuse through our Community Education program, reaching over 11,000 participants. 
  • Provided advocacy and support to nearly 300 sexual assault victims through Abuse Response Services.
  • Performed 296 psychological evaluations for people referred by courts and social service programs. 
  • Provided intensive day treatment and rehabilitation services to 204 people struggling with chronic mental health conditions.
  • Helped a total of 128 individuals and families’ find safe, affordable housing with our supportive housing programs. 
  • Gave a total of 790 children support and treatment to help them deal with mental and behavioral issues through our case management, school based support, early childhood, and in-home services. 
  • Provided 25,150 rides to 1,057 people who relied on our transportation program to stay active members of the community. 
  • Gave 298  men and women involved in the legal system the opportunity to overcome chemical dependency issues through Chemical Health New Choices for Recovery. 
  • Informed 57 people on signs of chemical abuse or misuse in themselves or a loved one through our community education program.
  • Provided intensive case management to 43 people with chronic substance abuse problems or those at high risk of relapse through our Chemical Health Community Options Program.
  • Evaluated 1,023 adults and teens to diagnose chemical abuse or dependency through our Chemical Health Assessments and Consult, and recommended appropriate treatment options to aid in recovery. 
  • Answered over 38,700 calls to our Crisis Connection hotline from people struggling with a mental health emergency. 
    Saw 1773 adults, children, and families affected by mental illness or emotional disturbance through our Outpatient Counselling Services Program. 
  • Provided immediate service to 513 people through our emergency services program and crisis clinic.  (Emergency Services Program, Mobile Crisis – Washington County Program, Mobile Crisis – Anoka County Program)
  • Gave comprehensive psychological evaluations through our Psychological Services Program to 267 children and adults to determine areas of concern. 
  • Taught 185 people with serious and persistent mental illness how to live and function independently through our day treatment and employment programs.  (SPMI Services Program)
Canvas Health offers services in the home, in schools, in the community, and through their offices.
For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call (651) 777-5222 or visit

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