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Mission Statement:

Washburn Center for Children lifts the spirits of children struggling with social, emotional or behavioral challenges – and has provided hope to families in the Twin Cities for 128 years.  The nonprofit helps children have healthier, more successful futures – which creates a stronger community for everyone.

Charity Description:

Behavioral challenges. Depression. Anxiety. Trauma. Grief. All of these issues can weigh down a child, not just when their young but later as an adult. Washburn Center for Children offers children a healthier, more successful future – which creates a stronger community for everyone.

As a leader in children’s mental health assessment and treatment, Washburn Center for Children is a vital community resource. Each year, more than 2,100 children find hope in Washburn’s renowned therapeutic programs. Washburn cares for a wide variety of children’s mental health needs, including trauma, anxiety, depression and learning difficulties. The agency’s expert therapists work comprehensively with children’s families and teachers to help improve their lives at home and in school.

One in five children experience mental health challenges, yet only 20% get the help they need. Children with mental health challenges who receive early intervention and treatment are far less likely to fail academically, drop out of school or become involved in the juvenile justice system. Washburn’s effort to create healthy, strong children and families is an asset to our community’s social and economic future.
Washburn Center for Children’s impact on the community has been recognized with several awards: The 2008 Nonprofit Excellence Award from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and the 2009 Provider of the Year Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness – Minnesota.

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