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Mission Statement:

Lifeworks - Serving our community and people with disabilities as we live and work together.

Lifeworks is a nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities live fuller lives that are integrated into the flow of community experience. Lifeworks collaborate with employers, volunteers, and government agencies to create expanded opportunities for people with disabilities. Lifeworks is passionately committed to fostering a greater understanding of people with disabilities so that they are heard, their interests respected, and their contributions valued. With locations in Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Burnsville, Eagan, Hastings, Mankato, Minneapolis, and St. Paul, Lifeworks offers a variety of services in three core areas: Career Development, Social Enrichment, and Customized Support.

Charity Description:

Through Lifeworks Career Development, people with disabilities have the opportunity to work part-time, full-time, or on a temporary basis. Lifeworks focuses on helping our clients be active, engaged members of the community. The job opportunities Lifeworks pursues enable clients to become integrated into the workforce. Clients are employed onsite at area businesses – providing real jobs with real pay, real responsibilities, and real rewards.

A big part of finding jobs for the people Lifeworks supports is consulting with employers to identify their specific production and business needs and matching personnel who are right for the job – providing a unique solution for each need. When companies hire Lifeworks associates, they don’t just gain employees, but rather gain an entire support team including job task efficiency experts, free onsite job assistance, and staff dedicated to ensuring Lifeworks associates are paid appropriately based on performance. Employers of Lifeworks personnel save money, fill high-turnover positions with long-term dedicated workers, and enhance diversity in the workplace. The return on investment is immediate and measurable.

Lifeworks Social Enrichment provides person-centered services that fill days with activities that focus on exploring and defining an individual’s preferences and ideas for the future. Lifeworks’ highly trained staff offer opportunities for personal growth and meaningful experience every day, helping individuals gain skills, confidence, and a sense of community.

Lifeworks newest service, Customized Support, helps families manage paperwork, purchase equipment, and hire their own staff, giving them more time to focus on the important things in life – like each other. Lifeworks is proud to be able to say, “yes, you can do that” to simple requests that have been out of reach for so many people. Lifeworks listens and plans with each individual so they can design services that truly help them make life work.

More people than ever are coming to Lifeworks to achieve their dreams. You can make a difference in the life of someone with a disability today by making a contribution, becoming an advocate for hiring a person with a disability, or volunteering at local program locations. Learn more at