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Mission Statement:
"Preparing kids for success in school and family, one child at a time"

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive network of educational and support services for children from early childhood through high school graduation who live in extreme poverty and family dysfunction. To be the last, best hope for the future of these children.

Charity Description:
Each Reuben Lindh Family Services program strives to foster self-esteem, self-reliance, and empowerment in children, parents, and the family. RLFS programs serve families through three early childhood programs, parenting support, in-home family work, and those with special developmental and emotional needs through our therapeutic programs.

Reuben Lindh Family Services is dedicated to:
  • Increasing the parenting, social, and independent living skills of at-risk families
  • Providing culturally-sensitive childcare and family support services
  • Developing the full potential of children through occupational, speech/language, physical, and music therapiesStrengthening family relationships through individual, family and play therapies offering community resource support

Serving over 1,800 at-risk families annually, Reuben Lindh Family Services clients represent a diverse, underserved group: 65% of our clients are female; 77% or our clients identify as individuals of color – with African Americans being 41% of those reporting; 95% of those reporting make $26,750 or less – with the majority making less than $17,000 a year; 34% of our clients are under the age of 6; and of the women receiving services, over 75% have one or more dependent children in their care.

By this you can see, the client who we serve are families – mostly single parent homes, most living in poverty and with children who are facing multiple risk factors and who are developmentally delayed.  We work with families who are involved in the child protection system, have children or adults in their family who are struggling and dealing with developmental delays, live in poverty, are homeless, or struggle with addictions and mental illness.  Sadly, many of our clients are looked at as “at-risk” or are marginalized – but with our assistance and advocacy, they can make huge advances in higher functioning, living stronger and healthier lives.

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