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Northern Voices is the only non-profit early education program in the Midwest giving children with hearing loss an opportunity to reach their full potential through listening and spoken language.

Parents dream to have their child reach his or her full potential. At Northern Voices, those dreams become reality—through early, specialized intervention, children with hearing loss learn to use listening and spoken language to find their voices. Northern Voices believes that families should have a choice in the communication modality of their child, and their goal is to provide a center of excellence for families who choose listening and spoken communication.

All children deserve the opportunity to meet their full potential. Northern Voices believes that this can only happen through a commitment to continuing education, and communication and collaboration with families and professionals. They strive to provide children with a warm, supportive environment full of opportunities and laughter.

Northern Voices adheres to an auditory/oral philosophy. With today’s technology, many children who are deaf or hard of hearing, regardless of their severity of hearing loss, can learn to speak and to understand the speech of others. Developing the ability to speak makes it possible to communicate independently with other hearing individuals, thus providing greater independence to participate in the world at large.

Through its program, which recognizes effort and improvement as well as achievement, Northern Voices provides a supportive and stimulating learning environment in which children who are deaf or hard of hearing can grow socially, emotionally, and academically. The student/teacher ratio of better than four to one allows for programming that is specifically designed to fit the unique abilities and learning style of each child.

Listening and spoken language is a choice for families of children with hearing loss. Kids with hearing loss can learn to listen and talk. Northern Voices invites you to come in and hear the possibilities…

For more information, please visit their website at or call 651-639-2535

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