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Project SUCCESS Mission:

Project SUCCESS is a youth-development organization that works with students over a six-year period, from middle school through high school, to help them develop life skills and inspire them to act on their dreams. Through in-school goal-setting workshops, an innovative theater program, and after-school individual services, students learn to make informed choices and plan for meaningful futures.

Project SUCCESS is currently in their 17th year of operation, they now partner with 17 schools (they added 7 school partners in 2008) and serve over 10,000 students in the Minneapolis (6th through 12th grades) and Saint Paul (7th and 8th grades) Public School districts. Students experience three inter-linked program services that are delivered continuously for as many as seven years of their life. 

Project SUCCESS facilitators, with the endorsement of teachers and school administrators, lead workshops that are specifically designed for the students at each grade level. Each child at every school will participate in eight monthly workshops (September through April) held during the school year. The workshops are integrated with the curriculum of English/Language Arts classes.  Project SUCCESS believes in the power of theater to illuminate the world. We use professional theater as a springboard to inspire students and to help them look at the real-life issues they face. With the help of our 27 professional theater partners this year, we offer students and their families the opportunity to attend at  least six to eight theater experiences a year, with as many as 12 at no cost.  Project SUCCESS initiates additional educational opportunities for student growth. Through their participation in workshops and theater experiences students and program staff develop relationships and build trust. To sustain that trust, we respond quickly and effectively to students’ requests for individual assistance.

For more information contact Project SUCCESS at 612-874-7710 or

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