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November Charity of the Month - Spare Key
Spare Key

Spare Key provides assistance to Minnesota homeowners with critically ill or seriously injured children by making a mortgage payment on the family’s behalf, allowing them to spend time with their child.

Spare Key is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity that provides mortgage grants on behalf of Minnesota families with critically ill or seriously injured children.  Founders, Patsy and Robb Keech, started the organization in 1997 as a result of their experiences with the serious illness and subsequent loss of their 2-year-old son, Derian.  While not everyone has had a hospital experience, everyone at on e time or another has been locked out of something.  Spare Key provides the “key” that brings much needed relief and hope during a family’s medical crisis with their child.  Some of the basic requirements needed to qualify for a mortgage grant from Spare Key are:  a child, 18 years old or younger, must have 21 or more days of hospitalization in the past 90 days; applicant must be current on their mortgage payments; applicant must be a Minnesota homeowner. 

Spare Key works directly with social workers from any hospital in Minnesota. Families can ask their social worker for information, go to Spare Key’s web site, or call the Spare Key office at 952.406.8872.

Spare key relies on the generous support of our individual contributors, individuals who designate their Untied Way pledge to Spare Key, corporate and philanthropic grants, community organizations, as well as fundraisers and charitable events.
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