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The 12 Wild About Reading Cheers are listed below. Read all of them and then vote on your favorite cheer at the bottom of the page.


We’ve heard of a contest
    With prizes galore   
We’ll give it a shot
    Yes, we’ll give it a shoot, and we’ll score!

We’re writers, and poets,
    But reading’s our game
By winning this contest
    We’ll also have fame!

We’ve worked hard, and studied
    (Can’t get by on luck)
It’s work hard, or fall down
    Like an Anaheim Duck!

We’re champion readers
    Our grades are way up   
So, if you would, Stanley
    Please, pass us that cup!

As victors, we promise
    To give a great cheer!
Off the “Walz” it will echo,
“The puck must stop here!”

So hear our request,
    And our wish on a star
Please, let us be
    Where The Wild Things Are!


With Gaborik and Roslton doing the leading,
it’s now time for us to Xcel at reading.

A lineup of Seuss, Cleary, Paulson and Dahl
will get you reading all the way to St. Paul.

Go to the library and check out a book,
then find a position like a chair or a nook

The zamboni is coming to help clear the way,
as you practice your reading everyday

When you find a good book, the crowd will go Wild
when you take the time to read to a child.

Sharing a book with a teammate makes them smile
and they’ll start to read it power-play style!

The more you try, you’ll breeze through reading.
Reach for your goal and you’ll keep on succeeding!

We’ve heard, “Don’t be a sieve,” is a great reading goal.
So don’t let a great book go through the “five hole.”

We’ll say it loud and say it proud, of what we’ve read about.
Take a look in a good book, it’ll make you scream and shout.

When you’re done for the night, in your book make a crease
knowing the next day your reading won’t cease. 

All the things that you’ll learn and  you’ll know you were right,
by reading, reading, reading, the lamp you did light!


The Wild will read and shoot the puck
Because they always have the luck
But at school if you want to succeed
You will have to learn to read

Mikko Koivu is a star
And Niklas Backstrom’s not too far
But if you ask them they will say
You need to read if you want to play

So, here’s a message just for you
It’s from us and the Wild too
Don’t forget to read and dream
If you want to join the Wild team!


We’re WILD about reading!
It’s great for everyone!
Like hockey, it takes practice,
But practice can be fun!

The excitement of a new book,
And a story that is great,
Can be just like before a hockey game,
As you step on the ice to skate!

Some opponents can be rather tough,
Just like new words can be.
But practice can make us perfect,
Just like Minnesota Wild Hockey!


W-I-L-D wild love to (clap, clap) read!

Score tied
Muscles tense
Perfect defense (clap, clap, clap)

Brain pumping
Sweat dripping
Goal tending (clap, clap, clap)

W-I-L-D wild loves to (clap, clap) read!

Zip, Zap, crisscross!


We are wild about what we read;
Give us a book, that’s all we need!

We’re wild about reading
We’re wild about books
We love the stories
With the great “hooks”!

We “skate” through books
hoping to “score”.
the perfect story line
And then we want more!

Having an adventure
is our “goal”
We’re wild about reading
Right down to the soul!

We are wild about what we read;
Give us a book, that’s all we need!


Let’s Go! Let’s Go! Let’s learn today!
We love to read, to think and to play.

Skate, pass, shoot the puck!
Without reading, you’d be stuck!

You learn a lot, it makes you smart,
With “Franklin Plays Hockey”
Or “Z is for Zamboni” being a fun place to start.

In the State of Hockey, we love to build our skills,
Both our mind and body, we build them with our drills!

Practice, practice, practice, is what it really takes,
To help me learn and be the best, in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Playing hockey with my friends, is sure a lot of fun,
But sometimes not quite as much, as reading in the sun.

Our teachers and coaches help us stay on track,
As we learn we work real hard so it helps to have a snack!

Shoot for “The Greatest Goal” of learning to read.
In the end you will succeed.

Go Minnesota Wild! You Rock!


Go Minnesota Wild for Reading
Wild, Wild for Reading
Go Minnesota Wild for Reading

Readers are leaders
You can be one too
To score goals in life
Here is what you do

Get your equipment ready
Like skating as a team
Passing to each other
with lightning speed

Speed isn’t all
You need to pay attention
The ultimate goal of reading is

Whether you’re a Goalie,
Center, Forward, or Defender,
You need to be a reader
To be a contender.

You need to read in every class
That is the rule
Just like a hockey stick
Reading is a tool.

Practice every day
with a friend or two
It gives your mind a workout
That is good for you!

So, look around
and what do you see?
A team full of leaders
Like you and me!

Go Minnesota Wild for Reading
Wild, Wild for Reading
Go Minnesota Wild for Reading
Go Wild!


Let’s go Wild! Let’s go!
Come on and read…
you’ll get smart
come on and do your part.
Everybody reads, like you and me
even the Wild hockey team!

Check out a book…
then skate hard for that win!
You’ll never be wrong just come along.
Reading is cool and you’ll be too.

Hey, Hey, Hey…
now that we have your attention
don’t forget to read, read, read!
Have fun with reading
while your brain is needing!
Just READ!!


Like a puck and a stick,
books give us a shot.
Books are great!
Books are hot!

Hard work and practice
make us stronger each day.
Reading good books
just takes us away.

We’re WILD about books!
WILD about books!
WILD about books!

We won’t mask our pride
learning is our first goal.
With reading on our side
we can take control. 

We’re WILD about books!
They help us to think.
Books are the icing
on (3-2-1)
our rink!


Group one:
What’s the coolest sport in town?
Group two:
Hockey is the world around!

Group one:
Hockey is our sport of choice!
Group two:
Listen up and hear our voice!

Group one:
First you have to go to school!
Group two:
Read! Read! Read! And you are cool!

Group one:
We will read each and every day!
Group two:
To get a chance to watch the Wild’s Play!

Group one:
We’ll be quiet when we read!
Group two:
Then shout out loud as the Wild’s succeed!

Group one:
Reading books really rocks!
Group two:
It will keep you out of the penalty box!

Group one:
Being Wild for reading makes us wise!
Group two:
Like winning the Stanley is your big prize!

Group one:
Reading books is really grand!
Group two:
We want to be in the Wild’s Stand!

Group one:
Future pros we want to be!
Group two:
We’ll keep on reading and you will see!

Group one:
Minnesota Wild is our favorite team!
Group two:
Playing for them is our big dream!

Group one:
If you pick our class, you’ll see!
Group two:
Hockey and Reading lovers jumping with


Reading is WILD! Reading is cool. 
You can read anywhere, not just at school!

If you can read, you can write, and that will make you very bright!

So pick up a book and take a look, see what you can find, reading the pages cover-to-cover will surely enrich your mind!

Take your shot!  Set a goal!  Reading is good for your soul!

Reading is WILD for every child, so do  a good deed… and help someone learn to READ!


Vote for your favorite cheer!

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